Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System

Frequently-asked Questions - BugHost Pro

  • What are some reasons to upgrade to the Professional Package?

    If you are finding that you are running out of user licenses, or need additional security, BugHost Pro is for you. You will be able to add multiple projects and users and set up security for each. You have complete control over who has access to the information in each project.

    You may also want to allow your customers to submit bugs via your own Web page. You will be able to offer anonymous bug submitting using the Pro Package.

    Other features that are available in the Pro Package include: Audit Trail, additional fields, customization of submit and edit forms, more reports, integrated email, email notifications, file attachments and much, much more!

  • How does Web Submit work?

    Web Submit is an optional feature that allows your customers, end-users, or employees to submit bugs directly into your BugHost project. Once configured, you create a form on your own Web page that links directly to BugHost. The information from the form is posted to a BugHost page which processes the information and stores it in your project. The user is then taken back to a Web page that you define without even knowing about the transfer. For more information on this topic, please see our Web Submit Guide.

  • What are the extra fields that are available in BugHost Professional?

    Additional fields include: Reported By, Priority, Operating System, Category, Module, Type of Bug, Close Date, and Closed By.