Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System

Frequently-asked Questions - General

  • What is BugHost?

    BugHost is a Web-based bug tracking application for the enterprise or small business. Only users that you set up in the system may have access to the bug list. You and your team find and submit bugs into the system, fix the bugs, verify the bugs, and finally close them. BugHost allows you to keep track of each bug to help make your products error-free.

  • Will my customers see my bug list?

    No. Only you and your team will be able to submit, edit and view bugs, according to the security that you implemented.

  • Can my customers add bugs to our database?

    By default, only authorized individuals may add bugs to your project. The Basic and Premium packages have a feature called Web Submit which allows anyone you choose to submit bugs directly into your project and return them to a Web page that you specify. These users are only authorized to submit bugs through your own Web interface.

  • How long has BugHost been around?

    BugHost started in February of 2001 with its Free Package and has signed up thousands of companies who trust their bugs with us.

  • How does BugHost work across time zones?

    The system notes your timezone when you log in and displays the time of each event using your own time. For instance, if you enter a defect at 8:30 a.m. and you live in the Pacific Time Zone, users in the Eastern Time Zone will see that the bug was entered at 11:30 a.m.

  • Why does your spider have only 6 legs?

    Our spider, Seymour D. Bugs, is in an unclassified category. When he was little, he was made fun of constantly because he was different than everyone else. He has since determined to bring all other bugs to justice by exposing them for what they really are. Some of them may be hiding in your software right now. Help Seymour find these outlaws by signing up for your free account today.