Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System


  • High Volume Licensing

    BugHost has just the right balance of features and licensing for most any size business. However, in cases where large companies need high volume licensing, we have developed special pricing to keep your costs low and maximize your features. For larger companies with these special pricing needs, please visit our enterprise pricing page or contact a BugHost representative for additional help.

  • Unlimited Defects

    Unlike other systems, BugHost does not count the number of defects or users toward your allotted storage space. You can enter as many defects as you need for all of your projects without being charged extra or being penalized for excessive use.

  • Audit Trail

    BugHost maintains history for every defect in every project. If a user inadvertently makes changes, you can always look back at the audit trail to restore a bug to its previous state.

  • Dashboard / "My Home"

    Users are greeted upon logging in with a brief summary of bugs assigned to them, and other important project-related information. This enables users to quickly see what has been done and what work still remains.

  • Workflow Capable

    BugHost uses a workflow process by allowing you to assign bugs to differnet users within your team. You can start the workflow by having bugs automatically assigned to a user as soon as it is submitted. Once the user is finished working on the bug, he or she can assign it to the next person responsible for working on it. We have developed a suggested bug life cycle to help you get started. You may, of course, design your own process for managing bugs and apply it to the BugHost system.

  • Searching & Reporting

    Finding Bugs is Easy
    There are several pre-defined reports, such as Assigned To Me, Submitted By Me, Fixed / Not Verified, All Open, and All Bugs. In addition to these 1-click reports, you can create your own search to find exactly what you are looking for.

    If you know the bug ID (bug #), you can simply type it in from anywhere in the system to quickly view and edit the bug report.

    Administrative Reports
    Look at trends and statistics to see what bugs are open, fixed, verified and submitted. Keep your project on task by seeing how frequently users are logging in.

  • Powerful Security

    There is a great deal of flexibility over how much access each user has to View, Submit, and Edit each bug. Create security groups and assign users to each group for each project. You can also set custom security for a single user to have even greater control.

    You can have multiple administrators and assign security access to any of your projects. That means an administrator in one project may not necessarily have administrative access to another project.

  • Bug Linking

    Sometimes, bug reports are similar, but different enough to justify more than one report. BugHost makes it easy to link similar bug reports together so that when viewing one, you have easy access to the others.

  • Integrated Email

    We have made it even easier to communicate with your fellow workers. You can send email directly within the system and attach bug reports to your message. There are links throughout the system to each user so that you can easily click on the name and go directly to the email form.

  • Email Notifications

    You can receive an email when a bug is assigned to you, added, fixed, verified, closed, re-opened, or when the status, severity or priority changes.

  • File Attachments

    You can attach screenshots or other files directly to the bug or put web links in your bug reports.

  • Customizable

    You can control the fields that are available on the Submit and Edit forms. You can specify which fields will show up, which ones are required and a default value to use if the user does not have the proper security rights.

  • Exporting

    Bugs can be easily exported using popular data formats such as CSV and XML. Export entire projects or any displayed report.

  • Global Update

    It's easy to update multiple bugs at one time with the global update feature. Simply select the bugs you want to update, set the fields you want to change and click the update button to make changes to multiple bugs.

  • WebSubmitTM

    WebSubmitTM allows you to have your customers submit bugs directly to your project from your own Web site. BugHost will help you generate the code at the click of a button. Just set up the fields you want to display, generate code and paste it into your own Web page. You can also use this feature to allow other individuals to submit bugs in your organization without additional user licenses.