Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System

Frequently-asked Questions - Free Service

  • How can you offer such an advanced system for free?

    BugHost was designed to be a simple-to-use product. With simplicity, comes limitations. You are currently limited to a specific number of projects and users that you can create. We are also subsidized by advertising to help pay for the cost of running the system.

    Even though the Free Package may work for many users, we also offer more powerful services which allow for much more customization.

  • What are the limitations of the Free Package?

    With the Free Package, you may add up to three users, one project, and an unlimited number of applications, bugs, severity and status codes.

    Bugs which have not been modified within a year are automatically deleted. You may export the bugs, but you must upgrade to another service which has an export feature. If you don't want a bug to be deleted, simply modify one of it's properties or add a note and the system will keep it for another year!

  • Can I upgrade to another version if I use the Free Package?

    You can use the Free Package as long as you want and you can easily upgrade to any of the other packages without losing any data.

  • Does the Audit Trail work in the Free Package?

    BugHost tracks everything that happens during the life of a bug. These changes are recorded in the audit trail, which you cannot view in the Free Package. You will need to upgrade to another service to see these changes.

  • Can I purchase additional project or user licenses if I use the Free Package?

    If you are out of user licenses or would like to add more projects, you can easily purchase additional licenses. If you should decide to upgrade to another package later, these licenses can be transferred without any additional fees.