Hosted Bug Tracking and Project Management System

Frequently-asked Questions - Security

  • Why should I trust my bugs with BugHost?

    Security is obviously a big concern for most companies. Rest assured that the bugs you enter into your project are safe! We do backups of the database every 4 hours, copy them to optical media, and store these backups in a fireproof safe. We also send copies offsite to prevent damage in the event the BugHost site is damaged. In the unlikely event your data becomes corrupt, we can have your information restored quickly from any of the previous backups.

  • Is it safe to submit my bugs over the Internet?

    In the Standard, Professional and other pay packages, all information submitted to BugHost is encrypted with the latest SSL encryption algorithms so your data is safely transported over the Internet.

  • Will every administrator be able to configure all the projects I create?

    You can configure BugHost to allow for as many administrators as you wish. Each project can be configured to allow one or more administrators to have access to it. Each administrator has complete control over how the system works.